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What To Wear Offshore Sailing

Get Prepared To Go Offshore Sailing

As the saying goes, “The good seaman weathers the storm he cannot avoid and avoids the storm he cannot weather.” This sentiment is as true before you set sail as it is out on the water. After all, you can dodge any number of potential problems, dramas and even safety hazards if you prepare for your offshore sail with the right clothing and equipment.

Offshore sailing is worlds away from coastal sailing and, as such, comes with its own particular set of required essentials. An offshore sail can last anywhere from 24 hours to a many weeks, so it’s important to be aware that you can encounter a different set of extreme conditions when you’re that far from land. Whether you are a seasoned professional or new to the world of offshore sailing, it’s absolutely vital to be prepared with the right offshore sailing gear before you hit the water.

What is considered offshore sailing?

There is no singular definition of offshore sailing, but at its essence, it’s sailing in water unprotected by coastline. It can mean any journey that takes you out of sight of land and usually lasts 12 hours or more. When it comes to inshore vs offshore sailing, inshore sailing refers to a passage that is bound by land or within a short distance to a safe haven, so offshore sailing is a passage that goes far beyond this.

When you’re this far from land, it’s crucial to have the right offshore sailing clothing and accessories for your trip – and when you’re engaging in this high-intensity sport so far from shore, it’s not enough to simply have the best offshore sailing jacket on the market or the very best offshore sailing drysuit. You need to think in terms of layers when it comes to dressing for offshore sailing, and that is why we’ve put together our ultimate offshore sailing clothing list for you. Take a look at what you will need before you embark on your journey, and let Zhik help you ensure you have all the right gear for offshore sailing.


The Ultimate Guide to Offshore Sailing Outerwear

While your base and midlayers have you covered for warmth and insulation, your outer layers are the essential barrier between you and the harsh conditions, giving you protection from the wind, water and other elements while you’re out on the water. Water repellent and highly breathable, an offshore sailing jacket, smock, or salopettes will keep you protected in a harsh marine environment, no matter the conditions. Our range of offshore sailing jackets, smocks and salopettes are all engineered to offer supreme breathability, waterproofness and durability, with different styles crafted for various offshore sailing conditions. The latest range of offshore jackets, smocks and salopettes, the range, and engineered in accordance with testing with the world’s leading sailors in the Volvo Ocean Race. With new generation fabrics and design,Navis range of offshore sailing outer layers is unrivalled.

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