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What To Wear Inshore Sailing

Get Prepared For Inshore Sailing

When it comes to inshore vs offshore sailing, each has its own set of unique challenges and requirements. While setting out in open ocean can see sailors face large swells, the strong winds frequently found closer to shore can make inshore sailing a wet, wild and bumpy ride for even the most experienced sailor. As such, with plenty of spray and strong gusts, inshore sailors often need heavy-duty protection from the elements. Zhik has a wide range of tech-focused, innovative inshore sailing clothing to keep you secure and comfortable while out on the water, no matter the conditions.

Inshore Sailing Clothing

While weather conditions and climate will play a large role when choosing which inshore sailing clothing you need to add to your cart, lightweight items crafted from durable, quick-dry materials are essential to allow freedom of movement. With this in mind, it’s important when choosing specific pieces to consider whether you’re heading out in foul weather or fine conditions, as this will dictate which pieces you need and which you can leave at home.


Outer layers - Waterproof inshore jackets and pants

With a focus on innovative design and top quality, Navis inshore sailing jacket range is second to none. Designed with comfort, durability and function top of mind, our waterproof men’s and women’s inshore sailing jackets remain breathable whilst expelling any water vapour from inside the jacket, keeping you dry, warm and protected.

The streamlined range of jackets are lightweight, waterproof and feature fully sealed seams to keep you protected from the elements. Mesh lining keeps you cool in warm conditions and provides a thermal air gap when it’s cold out on the water, while the athletic cut makes this the perfect transitional piece from street to boat.

navis women’s and men’s inshore sailing jackets have all the features of the range but with the additional benefit of 3-layer soft tricot fabric construction for a sleek, streamlined fit and TPU membrane specially designed for inshore activities. For an added level of protection the  comes with a streamlined hood design that conforms to your head for protection from wind and water.

In all conditions, additional spray protection (beyond a waterproof jacket) is an essential consideration for inshore sailors. For warmer moderate conditions, waterproof shorts may be all you need, while pants or full-coverage salopettes deliver maximum spray protection in very wet and cold conditions.

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