We have established our high-tech rainwear production systems.

We have been focusing our energy on establishing high quality production systems, in order to deliver various kinds of our products to the customers. We, recently, established distribution network in Asia where has achieved a big economic development. We built a factory, holding 100% of shares, and have provided products that satisfy our customers' needs. We utilize the technologies and know-how accumulated in Japan. We have every confidence that you will be satisfied with our products. 

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We Accept OEM/ODM.

 We accept orders from a lot of customers to supply them with original goods (OEM) that fit to their concepts. Even in a case that just the style or color of body is custom- ordered while utilizing graphics of our development directly, it is possible to develop whole of a product from scratch. We supply goods responding as much as possible to customers’ budgets, delivery date and other requests such as collaboration with various licenses we hold and merchandizing based on development of an original graphic that fits to brand MD for the coming season. 

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