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What To Wear Coastal Sailing

Get Prepared To Go Coastal Sailing

Whether you’re a professional coastal racer or a coastal sailing enthusiast, the right gear is integral not only to your performance but also your safety on the water, so it’s vital to make sure you have everything ticked off your coastal sailing checklist before you head out. 

While coastal cruising is very enjoyable, the discipline does come with its own set of challenges. Thanks to the relatively shallow water, the seas can be rougher, with steep waves close together. Then, of course, there’s the spray factor, not to mention the weather conditions to contend with, so making the right coastal sailing gear choice is vital for a comfortable, safe passage.

Coastal Sailing Clothing

Whether you’re coastal sailing in warm climates or freezing conditions, UV protection, spray protection, breathability and quick-drying qualities are important factors when working through your coastal sailing checklist. Make sure you always keep weather and conditions top of mind when selecting your coastal sailing clothing and choose the right gear for the conditions.


Spray Protection - Waterproof jackets, smocks and salopettes

The shallower water of coastal sailing can bring with it a rougher ride, squalls and heavy spray, so it’s vital to stock up on gear to keep you dry and comfortable. This means waterproof coastal sailing jackets, smock tops and salopettes.

Navis coastal sailing jackets provide an exceptional barrier between you and the elements. Designed and tested in the toughest conditions, our jackets repel water and wind, whilst their clever design expels any water vapour that collects in the jacket, ensuring you stay comfortable and dry out on the water. For spray and wind protection for your lower half, a salopettes is ideal to match with your jacket.

Navis range is the perfect range for coastal sailing and includes men’s and women’s coastal sailing jackets to keep you dry and warm whilst allowing for freedom of movement on deck. Crafted from 3-layer fabric, for advanced waterproofing, they offer a robust buffer against the elements with minimal bulk. All highly waterproof, extremely durable, windproof and featuring 3-layer fabric Laminated Reinforcement Panels, these fully seam-sealed performance pieces provide the wearer protection and comfort on the water, whether short-haul sailing or coastal racing.

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